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Every business day someone joins the

ActionCOACH team.  Will YOU be next?!

YOU are either an employee or an entrepreneur. ActionCOACH business coaching is all about the entrepreneur, the person who dares to take control of their own life, who dares to work for themselves, the person who decides and commits to their own business, family and life goals.

ActionCOACH, we'll help explore your entrepreneurial dreams and will show you how you can build a great business and a fulfilling life working with and coaching other business owners.


ActionCOACH South Africa's Vision:


"An ActionCOACH in every Business"

We EXCEL at COACH and CLIENT results

We are PASSIONATE about success in business

Our ECONOMIC DRIVER is wealthy coaches


Business IQ on Summit TV talk to us about business coaching

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Founder, Chairman and CEO, Brad Sugars, introduces ActionCOACH business coaching:



Why become an ActionCOACH?

  • Join the World's Number 1 Business Coaching Firm, and join the leaders in the second fastest growing industry on the planet.

  • Have an instant business foundation built for you, including proven systems, hundreds of customizable advertising and marketing pieces, and thousands of tools to Coach your clients to success.   With over 16 years of testing and implementing business models, ActionCOACH business coaching has continuously measured and tested our business models to find proven systems that build success for our Coaches and their clients.

  • Enjoy the support of an entire network of Business Coaches that can help support, mentor, and answer questions for you.

  • Become part of the solution in South Africa instead of the problem and ensure your contribution adds to the success of this beautiful country.

Is business coaching for YOU, contact us NOW as we would love to explain the benefits of ActionCOACH to you today.

CLICK HERE for a full list of events around the country.

Please review the current South African territory map for 
exisitng and available business coaching franchises.

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For the Gauteng territory map CLICK HERE

       EXISTING: ActionPRACTISES (Single Licenses) - Meet our current coaches
   AVAILABLE: ActionPRACTISES (Single Licenses)

   AVAILABLE: ActionFIRMS (Professional Firm of 8 Licenses)


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